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The Lunar Rainbow

Lunar Rainbow Photographer Charlie Hamilton James
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The dates for the Lunar Rainbows for 2017 over Victoria Falls

2017   2018
12 Jan 2017 9 Jul 2017        
11 Feb 2017 7 Aug 2017        
12 Mar 2017 6 Sep 2017        
11 Apr 2017 5 Oct 2017        
10 May 2017 4 Nov 2017        
9 Jun 2017 3 Dec 2017        

During the day you get a rainbow but in Victoria Falls you get an evening version called a lunar rainbow or ‘moonbow’ or "Blue Moon". It is created in exactly the same way, when light is refracted by water particles in the air, except these water particles are provided by the Spray from the waters of the Victoria Falls rising from the Gorge below. The famous "Smoke that Thunders"

Lunar Rainbow Tours
the eveniing Before, the Evening of and the evening after each full moon, the rainforest re-opens in the evening for special tours to witness the magic of the lunar rainbow - spray and weather permitting.
Please note that , if it becomes cloudy the tour will be cancelled.

If are are lucky enough to be travelling to Victoria Falls during a full moon (see the dates above) we would highly recommend doing this tour.

It is of general opinion that for the lunar rainbow, the best view isfrom the Zambian side on the Eastern Cataract .
this sibecause the moon rises behind the visitor/ photographer creating the lunar rainbow over the aptly named ‘Rainbow Falls’.
Another good spot is from the actuall Victoria falls bridge

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