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Zimbabwe Facts and Information

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Zimbabwe is unique! Where else in the world can a visitor gaze upon hundreds of species of tropical wildlife, thrill to the experience of white water rafting, scale chilly mountain peaks and savour the history of a people that goes back tens of thousands of years? Yet these pleasures are but a few of those waiting to be discovered by the traveler who plans to visit this gem in the heart of Africa.

Zimbabwe is situated on a high plateau in South Central Of Africa collectively known as Southern Africa, between Limpopo and Zambezi rivers. It is landlocked and bounded by Zambia to the north and northwest, by South Africa to the south, by Mozambique to the east and northeast and by Botswana to the South West. Zimbabwe wholly lies to the north of the Tropic Of Capricorn. Zimbabwe is a Shona word meaning "zimba ramabwe" (big house of stone) usually royal, hence The Great Zimbabwe monument remains a dominant reminder of such structures.

Zimbabwe covers 390 245 square kilometres that is about three times the size of England or equal to the size of California. Most parts of Zimbabwe lie more than 300m above sea level.

Zimbabwe's population by end of 1999 was 13 079 000. The population is estimated to be 15 543 000 by 2005. Currently the density is 30 people per square kilometre.

Victoria Falls
The Falls are about 1000km from the source of the Zambezi River in western Zambia. Towards the end of a normal rainy season the flow of water over the Falls reaches 500 000 cum per minute. During the dry season the flow can be very minimal. It is difficult to see the Falls during the peak flow as the heavy spray obscures the Falls themselves. The Rain Forest, despite its name, is not a genuine rain forest; it is really only an unusually dense riverine forest. The fern Helianthus farinosa is only found in this forest, nowhere else in the world apart from two locations in Zambia. The rare Taita Falcon and Black Eagle breed in the gorges. The Victoria Falls is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are many game viewing opportunities in the area as well as a wide variety of activities.

Quick Facts

  • Population - +-14million
  • Geography- Zimbabwe - Southern Africa covering 390245
  • Climate - Temperature vary between 12 degrees Celsius in winter to 38 degrees Celsius in summer
  • Capital City -Harare
    Other towns: Bulawayo, Masvingo, Mutare ,Gweru , Kadoma , Chinhoyi
  • Languages -English -Official
    Major vernacular languages- Shona and Sindebele widely spoken.
    Other languages -Tonga, Venda, Hwesa, Sotho, Nambya, Doma & Shangaan
  • Religion - Christianity, Muslim, Hindu and African tradition/culture
  • Currency - 1ZW$ = 100 cents
  • Business Hours - Mon Tue Wed Thur Fri 0800hrs - 1630hrs
    Saturday 0800hrs - 1300hrs
  • Accommodation - hotels, motels, caravan parks, camping sites and budget accommodation
  • Major banks: Barclays, Standard Chartered, Stanbic, Jewel Bank of Zimbabwe, Zimbank, National Merchant Bank, Kingdom Bank, Trust Merchant Bank, Century Bank, Time Bank
  • Zimbabwe Tourism Authority Office at Victoria Falls
    258 Adam Stander Road

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